Frozen Products

FSM offers various high quality frozen products:

Golden Ocean Fish (Fiji):
Natural and processed yellowfin, bigeye, and albacore tuna, in various specifications, and packaging according to customer needs.

Natural and processed  by-catch species such as – Wahoo, Mahi, Swordfish, and more

Kiribati Fish (Kiribati):
Hybrid frozen bigeye tuna (HFT), a unique frozen tuna product that provides the taste and texture of Super Frozen (-60) bigeye tuna, with the convenience of CO treated frozen tuna products.

Natural and processed reef species – Humpback snapper, octopus, and various bottom fish such as Onaga, and Opaka para.

Pacifical (Various South Pacific Nations):
MSC certified natural yellowfin tuna steaks and loins.


Fiji Seafood Marketing Presents: Hybrid Frozen Tuna (HFT)

HFT gives consumers the best of both worlds, it is marginally more expensive than CO frozen tuna, but substantially cheaper and more convenient than ULT frozen tuna products. When producing HFT, like most ULT products, KFL starts with bigeye tuna as the raw material. CO treated frozen tuna uses yellowfin tuna almost exclusively as a raw material. Connoisseurs of tuna know that the higher fat content of Bigeye makes for a more flavorful tuna eating experience.

When producing HFT, KFL starts with high grade (sushi A grade or better) tuna as a raw material. This “high grade” fresh tuna already has a nice red color. KFL then uses only a light treatment of carbon monoxide gas (derived from charcoal) to “lock in” the already red color of the meat – not the heavy CO concentrations used to enhance the pale or brown color of the low quality raw material used for most CO treated tuna products. KFL then freeze the product – not with weak standard temperature freezers, but with powerful -60C blast freezers that prevent ice crystals from forming and destroying the texture of the meat. Even though the product is initially frozen to -60 C, because of our light CO treating process the HFT product does not need to be kept in -60 freezers! – HFT can be held in standard freezers with no degradation in quality. Also; no special thawing procedures need, and the product can be thawed as you would any other raw frozen product.

HFT is the only frozen tuna product that offers all of the following attributes:

  1. High quality (sushi grade) raw material.
  2. Cell structure preserving -60 C “quick freezing”
  3. Long term storage in “standard” cold storage facilities (-17 to -23 C)
  4. No special thawing procedures
  5. A thawed product that looks and tastes like high quality fresh tuna

Fiji Seafood Marketing LLC encourages you to try HFT for yourself, and see why we believe this product to be the answer for businesses that want truly high quality frozen tuna product for their most discerning customers.

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